Eternal Gardens Santa Rosa

You’ll never know what will happen in the future, My dad used to say that if you’re not ready, the family members only cry because of 2 reasons during the Wake.

  1. You are truly loved by your family and they don’t want you to leave them, you have given so much to your family and they really appreciate everything you’ve done for them. – OR-
  2. You haven’t prepared for the inevitable and you left them with loads of debts after you passed away, they have to pay for everything from the wake, to the lots and so much more.

Prevent this from happening now!

The progressive City of Santa Rosa in Laguna Province is the home of Eternal Gardens’ eight memorial park. It opened in Barangay Pulong Sta. Cruz, along the Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road, in February 2008. Like in the branch that preceeded it, Eternal Gardens Santa Rosa also has a Transfiguration statue that was personally built by its designer  and National Artist, Dean Napoleon Abueva. It is located atop the administration building towering over the beautifully-landscapred park. Soon a plaza honoring Santa Rosa de Lima will be installed at the park to pay homage to the city’s patroness, in keeping with the company’s tradition and legacy.

Here’s another Aerial Perspective from IMAHE Services

Map :

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