About us

Lupa.com.ph is a real estate website catering to national and international markets for Selling Real-Estate Properties

Lupa.com.ph aims to be recognized as the top real estate website in the Philippines – servicing not only buyers but sellers as well

How does Lupa.com.ph work?

Lupa.com.ph is a website you can use to review properties before buying them. It also includes an Advertising Scheme for Agents/Brokers and Also Companies – but these advertisements are not legally connected to Lupa.com.ph – they are also clients of Lupa.com.ph –

Site Features :

  • Comprehensive List of Current New Developments around the Philippines
  • Appointment System for Site Trippings and Inquiries
  • Mailing List Sign ups for current News and Articles about real estate
  • Featured Agents/Brokers for creating “mini-websites”
  • Sponsored Ads for better exposure of Ads
  • Integrated Search
  • Brokerage Services
  • Earning Opportunities Available for People who Refer
  • And more to come!

Lupa.com.ph is a continous project – every possible feature applicable will be applied thru time. It aims to create a community for Filipino Real Estate Enthusiasts


Contact us at :
Globe : 0927.238.1698
Sun : 0923.627.0383
Email :antonioangeloaguilar@gmail.com

Appointment calls should be made at least one week in advance for proper scheduling


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